Daawah and Malaysian Islamic Movements

26 Dec

Daawah and Malaysian Islamic Movements
Tajuk : Daawah and Malaysian Islamic MovementsPenulis : Dr Badlishah Mohd NasirPenerbit : Synergymate Sdn Bhd

“Some may argue that Islam is not initially a world-religion and the concept of da’wah is developed later by its followers. This book challenges this misleading assumption by emphasizing that the current phenomenon of da’wah has connection with the past Islamic movements though it may contain new elements of methodology. It also stresses that the main objective of many Islamic movements particularly in Malaysia is upholding the holy task of da’wah in the modern times.”

“Da’wah has also become a responsibility for the present government although their interpretations and applications might differ from those of the Islamic movements. Thus, the book is recommendable for those who are interested in studying these important subject namely Da’wah and Malaysian Islamic Movements as as the development of Islam in thr country.”

– Assoc Prof Dr Zulkiple Abd Ghani, Head, Dept of Da’wah and Leadership Studies, Faculty of Islamic Studies, UKM

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