Pas – Dakwah And Politics

18 Jan


Pas Dakwah And Politics – Presentation Transcript

  1. Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) The Islamic Propagation and Political Perspective
  2. Note: This slide is not an official publication of PAS. Information contained in this slide is solely a personal collection and opinion. Author can be reached at [email_address]
  3. Base Literature
  4. Meaning Of Islamic Movement
    • By "Islamic Movement", I mean that organized, collective work , undertaken by the people, to restore Islam to the leadership of society , and to the helm of life all walks of life . (Yusuf Qardhawi)
  5. Meaning Of Islamic Movement
    • Before being anything else, the Islamic Movement is work: persistent, industrious work , not just words to be said, speeches and lectures to be delivered, or books and articles are indeed required, they are merely parts of a movement, not the movement itself
  6. Meaning Of Islamic Movement
    • Allah the Almighty says, Work, and Allah, His Messenger and the believers will see your work } [Surat al-Tawba: 1 05].
  7. For Allah’s sake
    • Islamic movement is a popular work based mainly on self-motivation and personal conviction .
    • performed out of faith and for nothing other than the sake of Allah , in the hope of being rewarded by Him, not by humans.
  8. Inadequacy of Official Work
    • Revolves in the orbit or domestic policy of the state that starts and finances it.
    • It is not based, in most cases, on men proven by work. Instead on “appointment”
    • Often lacks the true intend to defend islam
  9. The Movement is an Organized, collective work
    • Congregational prayer is a miniaturization of the overall Islamic congregational system and of what the interrelation between the commander and the troops should be like: there is neither infallible leadership nor absolute, blind obedience .
  10. Mission of the Islamic Movement
    • The Islamic Movement has come into existence to revive Islam and reinstate it at the helm of life once again, after   removing the obstacles from its path.
  11. Towards Revivalism
    • Formation of an Islamic vanguard
    • Formation of a Muslim public opinion
    • Preparation of a world, public climate
  12. Fields of action
    • Educational Work
    • Political Work
    • Social Work
    • Economic Work
    • Struggle (Jihad)
    • Media and Propaganda Work
    • Intellectual and Scientific Work
  13. Emphasis and Priority
    • Intellectual Field
    • Muslim Awakening
    • Educational Field
    • Political Field
  14. Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) Background
  15. Root of the history
    • 1947 Muslim Scholar Conference, Gunong Semanggol
      • Attended by 2000 Muslim Scholars
      • Pan-Malayan Muslim Economic Conference (Persidangan Ekonomi Islam SeMalaya, ) leading to the formation of Economic Center for Malays ( Pusat Perekonomian Melayu,PEPERMAS )
      • A day later, Supreme Religious Council, ( Majlis Agama Tertinggi Malaya, MATA ) was formed
      • The same year, MATA formed People’s Education Board ( Lembaga Pendidikan Rekyat, LEPIR )
  16. Root of the history
    • MATA members were not convinced with UMNO style of political struggle
    • 1948, 2 nd MATA National Conference formed Muslim Party of Malaya ( Hizbul Muslimin, HM )
    • Headed by Ust Abu Bakar Al Baqir
  17. Why these establishments?
    • Economy
    • Education
    • Politics
  18. Immediate Reaction Against HM
    • Communist Label , “Bahaya Dari Gunong”
    • State Of Emergency
    • Imprisonment
    • Limits on activities
  19. Demise and revival
    • Kepala Batas, home of Hj Ahmad Badawi, the slogan “Ulama Ke Jalan Allah” (Scholars Towards The Path Of ALLAH)
      • Critics say PAS was initially part of UMNO. However, PAS had its own solid reason of existence.
    • Nov 1951, Persatuan Islam Setanah Melayu
  20. 1950s experience
    • Impacts of:
      • Colonialism
      • Western-influenced nationalists
      • Western-influenced system
        • State and Politics
        • Social
        • Economic
        • Education
    • The system persists until today, thus the struggle continues
  21. Political Struggle
    • 1955, Pan-Malayan Islamic Party
    • 1959 – Formed a govt in Kelantan & Trengganu
    • 1961 – PAS-led govt in Tganu hijacked
    • 1969 – Racial Tension
    • 1973 – Coalition Govt with UMNO-led alliances
    • 1978 – Expelled from Coalition
    • 1982 – “Scholar-Led” era
    • 1990 – Formed a govt in Kelantan again
    • 1999 – Formed a govt in Kelantan & Trengganu
    • 2004 – Retained Kelantan but lost Trengganu
    • 2008 – Formed a govt in Kelantan & Kedah and part of coalition govt in Perak and Selangor
  22. Organizational Objective
    • Memperjuangkan wujudnya di dalam Negara ini sebuah masyarakat dan pemerintahan yang terlaksana di dalamnya nilai – nilai hidup Islam dan hukum – hukumnya menuju keredhaan Allah .
    • Mempertahankan kesucian Islam serta kemerdekaan dan kedaulatan Negara .
  23. Orientation Of Works
    • Tarbiyyah
      • Schools
      • Internal Development
    • Dakwah
      • Public Outreach
      • Individual
    • Siasah
      • Political Front

    Nasaruddin Hassan, News&file = print&sid =5210

  24. Impact Of The Movement
    • The only mass movement that is islamic-based
      • Members ranging from rural villagers up to elite professionals
    • Influence on “Malay Belt” States
      • (At local level, Malay is synonymous with Muslim)
      • State government
      • SRA/Pondok Institutions
      • Public opinions
    • “ PAS For ALL” slogan & Non-Muslim Affiliates
      • Champion of the people
    • Student Idealism
      • In line with the ideals of Muslim Brotherhood
  25. Conclusion
    • Islamic Movement is a vehicle towards Global Islamic Revivalism
    • Supporting Islamic Movement for the Sake Of ALLAH
    • Historical Background and Struggle of PAS
    • Orientation Of PAS
    • Impact Of PAS
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